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SEO vs PPC – Which One is Right for My Business?

seo or ppc is better for my business


If you are one of those business owners who is used to spend a significant amount of money on Yellow Pages and now weighing between Search Engine Optimization and Pay per Click, please read on.

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Not to my surprise, the majority of the business owners I crossed paths with would have some negative experiences about paying money to an SEO Consultant or any Internet Marketing firm and getting no result.

Many of them have paid a small amount for very basic SEO service that provides zero value, and some have paid thousands of dollars per month and have never even get on the first page of Google.  I felt bad every single time I heard these experiences. Those SEO experts from other SEO Companies obviously do not care about their clients.  I understand when I first talk to business owners who are very skeptical of my Omaha SEO services because SEO is a big investment which, if not run properly, could lead to the loss of all your hard work, money, and even the business you have built from the ground up.

If any internet marketing company is offering you a cheap SEO service, they are most likely playing you.

If you are looking to hire someone full time to do SEO for your company, you are prone to get no result while paying salary + benefits + SEO tools + NO new business in the door. Proper SEO tools to accomplish decent work are costly. This alone cost at least $1,000/month and salary could be anywhere from $40K to $75K. Not to mention the benefits that you have to pay. Those that accept a full-time position will never be good at SEO.

So PLEASE read these post to protect your business.

Is Search Engine Optimization the Right Answer for Your Business?

Other SEO gurus might have advised you to check lifetime value of your customer or site conversion rate. I would recommend that you first factor in these numbers before considering if SEO is a good fit for your business.

  1. Average value of your customer
  2. Average Search Volume of your target market
  3. SEO cost

And most importantly, will your business eventually generate more revenue than the costs of SEO, and if you were to rank number 1 for all the keywords that you are going to offer?

Let me give you some examples to guide you through. If you estimate to make $1K over the next 12 months by ranking 1 for every keyword, then I am sorry to say that SEO is not for your business. On the other hands, you should be jumping into SEO if you would make ten times the amount of SEO cost by ranking number 4 on the search engine. A good SEO consultant will help you through the process. Keyword research plays a big role here to help you make this estimation.

Now let’s take a quick look at Pay Per Click (PPC).

PPC costs much higher than SEO. Its costs increase by as much as 50%-150% per year for each business! If you are one of the business owners who flee to PPC because of the past experiences with using low-quality SEO providers that get booted from Google’s new algorithms, you are not building a business here.

I am not opposed to or have any bias against PPC and actually do PPC for clients from time to time. It is a good solution if it is profitable for your business.  Just consider if you would you rather pay less or more for the same amount of traffic. Check this video out.

Now let’s talk briefly about Social Media ad. To me, it is quite unpredictable.  Anything unpredictable is usually difficult to make a calculation. That is why you see many services providing you with Social Media activity instead of progression.

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