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How to Protect Your Website From Being Attacked

Protect site from bad bots

How Secure Your Online Presence Is?

Due to the many security problems in today’s online marketing world, every business owner needs to understand more about security on their websites.
Protect your website from bots

Just to name a few, these are the list of issues every business owners potentially face without knowing

Click Fraud

What is click fraud? It is the act of clicking on ads for the purpose of costing you, the advertiser, more money. Google advises advertiser to use “negative keywords” to keep your Ads from showing on products and services that are not related to yours. Some attempts include adding tracking URLs to your ads so you can track the traffic coming from Google.

Malicious Visitors

Online fraud is everywhere and is getting more dangerous every day. Bots are the most prominent source of online fraud. They are the reason behind damages that cost your online companies thousands or possibly millions of Dollars. Do you know that bots are pretty much capable of making illegal purchases on your website?  Spam is also something everyone hates. It comes in many different forms like unwanted messages or emails or comments on your blog. The delivery of most spam is by automation bots that scan for vulnerabilities, then inject their messaging into your system whenever and wherever they can. These days, Spam is considered as one of the largest culprits of bot traffic.

Data Thieve

Bots are codes that visit and wreck your website in so many different ways. Bad bots can steal your content, signup for your services, attempt credit card fraud, and are even capable of taking your servers down. One of the most popular bots is web scraping, a bot that crawls through your site for articles, pictures or any content you have then takes it and stores it on another server. This material can then be used, recycled, and pretty much sold to 3rd parties. It is very expensive to develop unique content, and it is even more costly to maintain. Bots have been known to go to landing pages, copy HTML and CSS, then clone it to their servers, directing your hard earned traffic to themselves. This is very harmful as these bots steal hours of your hard work and potentially millions of your sales.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Website?

Most hosting companies offer access logs. With them, you can simply hand it over to Google to look for any suspicious activity on your site.

Handing the responsibility over to Google makes it less complicated and much more effective to protect your site against online fraud by blocking bots before they can access your content. Blocking suspicious IPs and bad bots ensures that people who are visiting your site, ad, or landing pages are real human beings and purchase your content with real forms of payment. This precaution helps minimize the amount of fraudulent payment, account hijacking, and spam on your website, and in turn increasing your confidence in return on investment as an advertiser because your website is 99.9% bot-free. Therefore, you can rest assured your ad clicks are being spent on real humans, not bots. The codes we install on your landing pages or site will alert you right away with a location when any of your content is stolen. It redirects all of those lost clicks on the stolen page to your origin page automatically, so you don’t miss out on any of your hard earned traffic.

It is now TIME to

– take control of your ad budget.
– stop harmful traffic from stealing your hard work and display those contents as their own before it reaches your content.
– stop paying increasing costs for maintaining a website.
– Stop wasting your bandwidth and hosting resources from malicious traffic

Start protecting your pages today

We help our customers establish a unique fingerprint for every visitor to help track them across different access methods.  Contact us now to learn more how we can help you gain confidence and money back.