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Facebook Ads – A Powerful Tool To Market Your Business

Facebook ads for small business

Why Facebook?

We all agree that social media is unarguably a new way to market a business and get people in the door. The fact is, not many businesses have had success with it, causing many to abandon their Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, and location-based social media opportunities. If you haven’t stepped your foot in the door, you are making a huge mistake. Larry Kim from Wordstream has a great article about this.

Facebook ads are such a powerful medium to promote your brand awareness because you can be selective about who you want as your target audiences. But first of all, you have to understand that Facebook Ads are a different animal from Google Ads. They both do differ in the way they do things, making it less likely to get the same response. However, they are both diversely advantageous, so none is better than the other.

The main difference is Google Adwords is a tool that is based on keywords that users search for. While Facebook Ads, you have to go to them first which makes the platform becomes.

Many businesses find significant commercial success with Facebook Ads. They are not just for B2C because you can specifically target your market. Their features are also very intuitive, user-friendly and can reach a large but specific group of audiences as it helps capture people at the top of your sales funnel. It is quite an amazing marketing channel for generating business. If you’ve heard people complain about its ineffectiveness, which is because those people lack the knowledge and understanding of this powerful medium. For instance, if you are using Facebook Ads to make your SaaS company a bunch of money right off the bat, you might be severely disappointed.



Designing a Facebook Ad for conversions is crucial. This is one of the differences between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords. Facebook requires you to put some work into making your ad stand out, interesting and engaging.

Next, think of your headline as a hook. Use it to grab audiences’ attention and encourage them to read your ad. Another important element is the ad body copy where you communicate the value of interaction and the click-through. Use the time-limiting factor, like ‘This week only” or “Call now”, or demographic/audience target factor like “For our Facebook Fans only/ For our loyal customers only.”


A Facebook Ad without an offer is like a Ferrari without an engine. It might look great but will never get you where you need to go. Without a substantial reason to click (like an offer), Facebook users will skim over your ad as just another piece of useless information, or they may treat your ad like as another junk in the mail.

Remember, statistics show that 45% of Facebook users like a brand for promotions, discounts or free giveaways and only 14% do so out of loyalty to that brand. If you are not willing to offer a little something in exchange for that lead and take that first step on the way to a sale, you’re going to struggle on Facebook.

Landing page

Everything we have outlined above will be useless if the ad doesn’t convert that traffic into a lead or a sale. The trick is to keep the landing page simple and clean to create continuity and ensure your traffic doesn’t bounce because they’re confused. Make sure all technical details are all lined up, and double or triple check small details to avoid embarrassing results. You’d be surprised at how many Facebook Ads fail in converting clicks to their corresponding landing page.

I hope you understand more about Facebook ads. Once you know how to use one, it works like a charm. Many negative reviews that Facebook Ads get come from users who aren’t using all the completely free, impressive parts of the tool. When you know how it works, you get instant access to the largest advertising audiences the world has ever seen, as Facebook is the most specific ad targeting platform available today.

Facebook Ads is a platform that allows you to target your existing customers and people based on their demographic and interest and makes it super-duper easy to re-target your advertising for free based on where the lead is within your sales funnel.

Do not just dismiss it because the average CTR isn’t what Google is. Do your research. Trying to understand the platform more.

Hopefully, this will convince you to try Facebook Ads or take another closer look if you’ve given up on them. If you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself, we at the Omaha Internet Marketing & Facebook Ads expert can help answer any of your questions. We can also package up the Facebook Ads campaign and SEO services for your business.