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Digital Marketing Trend in 2016


What’s the trend of the 2016 Digital Marketing?

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The growth in technological advancements has been tremendous in the last decade, and the world has evolved into a highly technology-based and digital era. Roughly 80% of all content is digital and is accessed on smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and nearly every home in America has some form of internet based hardware. With the coming of the digital era, companies have started adapting their marketing strategies, which are continuously evolving every day. In this article, I have described in depth about the tips and tricks of using social media here.

Digital marketing trend is changing the way businesses advertise, and traditional methods are falling to the wayside quickly. The digital marketing world comes with many advantages. First, it is more cost efficient than traditional methods, allowing small businesses equal opportunity on the playing field. With the use of strategies such as email campaigns, social media marketing strategies, and print ads, which are done for pennies versus the cost of T.V. commercials, and reach a substantially larger audience- which brings us to the next point. Increased exposure.

Gone are the days when small businesses had a limited reach and were typically restricted to only within their community. With digital marketing today, your limit knows no bounds. A single share on social media can instantly give you exposure to thousands of potential customers all over the world! Perhaps the most significant change digital marketing brings is that businesses can now see the results of their marketing strategies in real time. Traditionally, it could take weeks, or even months before results of marketing strategies could be identified.

This is a huge gain for business!!

Looking back at old data. Digital media ad spending in 2010 is roughly around 48% growth while the forecast for 2020 is at $80 billion.

With 2016 well underway, there are some changes to be expected in digital marketing. Let’s take a look at some expected changes and projected growth potential for 2016.

  • Businesses will recognize that there are many different contexts in which digital media is consumed and will adapt their strategies accordingly, eliminating the one size fits all. This realization will call for the separation of social media, search engines, online video and music streaming, gaming, and email. Instead of being platform based, the approaches will become more focused on the way consumers use the various media platforms.
  • Expect to see an increase in mobile phone ads. Businesses are re-inventing and creatively moving to make effective mobile ads. It sure makes sense that the phones are getting bigger, and so are the ads!
  • There will be a rise in the evolving forms of technology, and the emergence of new technologies, like the Smart T.V, is changing the way people watch television. This opens a door for an audience for specific advertisements. Ads will only be delivered only to relevant households.
  • There will be more investment directed to online and mobile video advertisements, yet many will not adapt their content to serve the many different platforms.
  • There is expected to be a rise in content marketing. The creation of brand appropriate captivating stories will attract audiences and increase brand awareness.


What’s next for 2017?

Forecasts show that the total digital ad spending in 2017 will equal $77.37 billion or 38.4%. It is evident that if you have not started getting your foot in the door, you’d better begin now because more consumers are heavily utilizing the Internet to accomplish their needs. Research also shows that the total growth in SEO spending will equal $80 billion by 2020. Don’t tell me that this number doesn’t intrigue you.

With new and advanced technology changing daily, it is more important now than ever to create a planned approach and utilize it in the many different media channels as a means to distribute advertising content to the masses. The evolution of new platforms creates a lot of tremendous opportunities that ensure the survival and thriving of your brand. The world is changing- do not be scared to change with it.

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