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Process to Manage Your Negative Online Reputation

Reputation Management

How To Handle Negative Online Reputation

Do negative links in Google Search Results keep troubling you?

In today’s social media central world, customers freely speak their minds and publish their opinions about your business whether they are fair or not. All it takes is just one angry customer review or simply one website to seriously destroy your business or your personal life. You feel like your business or your personal life is being held hostage by the internet.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it”, – Warren Buffett

What is reputation management


Google loves fresh content and tends to give more power to the user-generated content or content reserves on the media outlet. These websites are very prominent to Google and appear to rank higher as a consequence.  The major losses that business owner like yourself can come across are:

  • Loss of Customer
  • Severely Damaged Personal Reputation or Brand Identity

When negative content about your life or your business is on the review website such as Yelp, Google Reviews, TripAdvisor, Facebook, RipOff Report, BBB, PissedConsumer, etc. or on the fairly high authority websites like local news websites, etc., the truth you do not want to hear is they are very difficult to push down in search results. Almost 90% users are influenced by user reviews, feedback, and results shown on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc., and over 50% customers typically changed their mind about doing business with a company because of negative search results. It is almost impossible to think of getting away. All you can do is to start working on damage repair. That is why it is very important for businesses to have a team of search engine reputation management experts to help out. It is tough to define exactly how much time it is going to take to get your name cleared.  However, you can expect to bring down the loss with effective reputation management in place. There are a number of ways to handle negative online reputation or bad reviews. You can either invest in content marketing, add customer reviews to your website, ask for reviews on your social media accounts from satisfied customers, make good quality media content such as infographics, video, or images to be likeable and sharable on, promote your social media profiles to build engagement and propagate authority, use search engine optimization and paid search to increase your website traffic.

Many clients we work with do not understand the process of reputation repair and often times think that this is a piece of cake one-time project. I would love to share with you some levels of the complexities of the damaged repair process. So here is what you can do when negative content about you or your business exists online.

Reputation Management


This process is straightforward. Unfortunately, some pages cannot be removed but the search results for the web pages can. Sometimes this is the best option to repair your damaged image and many times this is not the option. Your expert could help you determine if this is the strategy to execute. There are various approaches that we use such as:

  • Keyword removal so pages show up less in search results
  • Content removing by the web owner
  • Using the no-index (no-follow) tag to block the negative content from search engine results
  • Request Google to Remove the Results


When search results cannot be removed, suppression is the option to suppress or push down negative content and bring positive websites to page one. Suppression is the reversed SEO process and can take anywhere from 2-12 months depends on how prominent of the content source, how much traffic it has, and how high it is ranked on the search engines, etc. This process can help prevent negative websites from appearing in the future. It is advisable for our SEO and reputation management experts to continue the suppression attempt. Otherwise, those negative websites can resurrect on search results.

We only take on clients that we know we can help. Our professional online reputation management services are handled in-house by SEO experts, from start to finish. We share with you all details and the progress of the project. We also give you access to project with the credentials used. Discounts offered if you provide the Biographies.

We also offer packages for SEO, crisis or brand management, and pay-per-performance contracts for the skeptics. Contact us to see if we can work together.