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Using Ghost Messaging Lead Generation Services To Attract A Stream of Clients

Introducing Ghost Messaging Lead Generation

Our new services answer the customer acquisition and retention problems.
Our Ghost Messaging or Ringless Voicemail System is a revolutionary Cloud Based Client Acquisition System that makes landing new customers and fulfilling for existing customers truly effortless!

Whether you need to promote your fundraising event, special deals, new services or product launch and regardless of your industry – Automotive Dealership, Home Advisors, Real Estate Brokerage, Not-for-Profit, Plastic Surgery, Surgeons or Physicians, etc., call us to find out how we can help your work easier.

Advantages of Ghost Messaging System

No Interruption to annoy customers or prospects
More likely to reach targeted prospects
Eliminates the stress of cold calling
Allows for professional customized messages
Add human touch to mass marketing messages

Customer Acquisition Made Simple

It takes averagely 8 dials per hour to cold call your prospects and takes 6.25 hours to set 1 appointment.
Why not call hundreds or even thousands of prospects with a touch of a button and wait for them to call back.

Voice Drops Services Lead Generation

Why Ghost Messaging System

Ghost Messaging System is a new non-intrusive way to reach new prospects and past customers with personal mass messages that get them calling you.


Our Process

Our Ghost Messaging or Ringless Voice Messaging services include custom list generation, custom DFY experiences, split tested script that gets results, ROI with call tracking and call recording.

Exclusive Leads

Cast a wide net, but do it the right way! We can develop a highly customized target list by criteria such as location, age, marital status. annual income, property value - and more. Get the customers you want - calling YOU.

Warm Prospects

It is time for you to stop spinning your wheels and wasting time talking to people who are not interested in your services.

Call Tracking & Call Recording

We help monitor how many calls you receive to track how successful of the program and how each of them is being handled by your representative so you can use it for training purposes.


Unlike another method like TV/radio ads/magazine or print ads, we can provide provable ROI for your investment

Time is Money

Voice Drops does in seconds what a Sales Team does in a week. Launch a thousand "cold calls" with the push of a button

100% Scaleable

Perfect Solution for Your Sales Force

Receive Calls Anywhere, Anytime

Get Results and Proven ROI

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