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SEO and Paid Advertisement For Business in Bangkok

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Considering SEO vs Facebook vs Google Adwords For Your Business?

Are you doing business in Bangkok and spending a LARGE amount of money on many traditional marketing campaigns? Are you now looking for information on investment in either Search Engine Optimization, Facebook Ads, or Google Adwords

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If you are experiencing the problems of being found online or getting no result from your existing online marketing campaign like many of my customers are, the good news is, you are not the only one and there are solutions to your problems.  Many business owners have paid some big money for very basic SEO services that provide zero return while many of them paid cheap money each month and never get on the first page of Google. Well, I want you to know that I feel your pain, and this should not happen to anyone.

A lot of  SEO Companies in Bangkok apparently do not even care about take caring of their valuable clients’ interests. Search Engine Optimization is the ultimate way for advertisement. However, it is complex and involves a lot of work which means if it does not run properly, you can lose all you have worked for, your money and even the business, especially the trust you have built from the ground up. Word of wisdom: if any internet marketing company in Thailand is offering you for cheap SEO services, there is a high chance you are being played.

So PLEASE read this post to protect your business.

Why SEO?

I recommend that you factor in these numbers to consider whether SEO is a good fit for your business, and do not just invest in SEO if other SEO gurus advise you to check only lifetime value of the site conversion rate. Here are the three things you should consider- the average value of your customers, Average Search Volume of your target market, SEO cost and whether or not your business will bring in more revenue than the costs of SEO, and if you would rank number 1 for all the keywords that you want to go after.

I am not opposed to or have any bias against Adwords or any paid advertising, and even help some of my clients with Facebook ads campaign from time to time. It is a good solution if it is  profitable for your business.

However, just answer this one question, would you rather pay less or more for the same amount of traffic? Check this video out.

I am interested in scaling up my business through PPC. Can you help?

You may be interested in PPC and want to know if you should pursue Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. To be sure we are on the same page, Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords are an entirely different. One is based on the intent while the other relies on the demographic, but both can produce high results if you know how to do it properly. Those who don’t feel like they are wasting time, money and energy. It is best to hire a reliable professional to help you scale your business if you are in need of a paid advertisement. Do not try venturing on your own if you don’t know how to do it because it will more than likely burn your cash. Contact to find out how we can provide the best results and most effective investment for your business.