Do You Need Just A Clicks Or A "Live Phone Call"

Do You Need Just Clicks Or “Live Phone Call”?

Pay-Per-Call Marketing provided by Omaha SEO Stay First Rank Internet Media

There is this one effective marketing method in the digital marketing space that many people are still not fully aware of its existence. Many businesses around the world pay Google for clicks and do not know that there is a much better way. is Pay-Per-Call Marketing.  The concept is very basic.  Typically, an online marketer is using Search Engine and other necessary marketing channels to drive “LIVE” phone calls. That being said clients are not paying for click but instead of paying for each call that rings as a result of a marketing campaign.

Based on a statistic, any business utilizing Pay-Per-Call campaigns pay at least for “10 CLICKS” in order to drive just “1 PHONE CALL”. It is fairly easy to understand the importance of leveragng this powerful Pay-Per-Call Marketing for your business.

It is also a known fact that 70% of mobile searchers have used the call button on their phone immediately after they found the businesses that could fulfill their needs.

Pay-per-call Marketing provided by Stay First Rank Internet Media Omaha SEO


Pay-Per-Call Marketing is a great approach for your online marketing strategies if you have not implemented it. No more attending networking events that bring in very few leads. No more waiting for referrals that could potentially dry up any time because your clients are not paid to refer you.

However, Pay-Per-Call Marketing is not the answer to every businesses. Some niches or industries would be a great fit for Pay-Per-Call marketing while some aren’t. Home Services, Financial Services and Legal Services are all a great fit for Pay-Per-Call Model.

Our priority at Stay First Rank Internet Media is to dedicate our time to getting business owners what they need: MORE CLIENTS!
Our end goal of this is utilizing one of the best marketing techniques and the software is successfully connect you with LIVE customers via the phone from a web page.

Call or email us to find out whether or not your business ia a great fit.

P.S. If you or someone you know could benefit from live customers calling them, please pass this along. We have a $100 referral for each client you’ve sent and sign up with us.

Thanks in advance for all your help and support!